How to Confidently Price Your Shoots: Dijana Škarica’s Review of The High Rollers Club


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Are you seeking to gain more boudoir clients but don’t know where to start?

Tune in to an interview with Mastermind student Dijana Škarica who shares how she applied the techniques within the course towards her photography business, resulting in tremendous success.

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About Jenn Bruno Smith:

After leaving a successful career as a ​speech ​pathologist and clinical liaison, ​Jenn moved into pursuing her business full time. ​She has been shooting boudoir exclusively for 4 year​s​ and teaching marketing and business to the photography industry​ for the last two.
Jenn is a featured educator in the Do More Forum and AIBP. She is a guest blogger for Skip Cohen University and her work has been featured on Fstoppers. ​Jenn enjoys mentoring other photographers and teaching them her ninja business ways​. She also enjoys ​spending time with her family and ​three small children,​ as well as sleeping (when she finds the time).

You can catch up with Jenn in her group The High Rollers Club- IPS, Business and Marketing for Boudoir photographers

About Dijana Škarica:

Dijana is the owner of Dijana Szewczyk Photography and lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and the best dog ever. She was born in Bosnia and raised as Croatian. You can view her portfolio here:

The High Rollers Club Review Transcript:

[00:00:01] Hey guys, Jenn Bruno Smith here! I am here with one of our mastermind students, Dijana Škarica from Portland, Oregon. Thank you so much for joining me. I’m so excited to see you.

[00:00:16] Thank you. I’m super excited. It’s so great to be part of this Mastermind group and being able to talk to you. So thank you for that.

[00:00:24] So tell me a little bit about where you were before you started the mastermind. How many clients were you seeing, what your sales average was?

[00:00:34] So right before I joined that, well, I was one of the first ones that joined in March. So before I left, I was still in my mind, I was successful. I was having like, you know, like ten, fifteen clients a month. And then my average sale was like six hundred dollars. I was always busy. In that mindset I was like, yeah, I’m doing great. But I wasn’t because I was so tired and I was always working and I was having this feeling my stomach that I was doing something wrong. That I’m just not nailing it. So it was stressful for me, even though financially it wasn’t bad, but I was just overworking myself. But I loved at that point, now that I’m doing this more professionally. I feel so much calmer and so much more as a professional. And I just feel really good about where I’m at with my clients and with my business. And it’s a good place to be right now.

[00:01:32] I love that. So what are some of the biggest changes that you’ve seen in your business since you started our master mastermind?

[00:01:39] I see. I see a lot of changes. Well, the quality of the clients that I’m having. That’s huge. Because, again, I’m presenting myself in a very different way. So I’m attracting different clients. I’m way more confident. And one of the biggest things I would love from the mastermind, of course, is I took all of your ticket pricing. I took all your e-mails. And that’s helped me streamline my interactions with clients. It’s making my life so much easier. I just, you know I booked them and you know, optimization does it all for me. And I just you know, I see them on a day of the shooting like we can move on. So there are just so many changes. Not to mention I’m earning way more money. So there’s just I feel that there are all these little details that help me get where I’m at right now. And I don’t think, you know, I’m trying to compare myself to others who are earning way more because it’s not about money. I do enjoy what I’m doing, but it’s for me where I was, you know, even like six months ago and where I’m at right now, I’m really, really happy with everything that I learned from everybody else in the group. And, you know, I love that.

[00:02:51] I love that. So if you were to recommend our mastermind to one of your friends, what would you say?

[00:03:00] I do it all the time, basically. I think this is one of the things that I’m very blunt and I always ramble a lot. So a lot of things about Mastermind course is that you really have to work for like, you know, there’s not one thing except prices that you just can pull if you want. There’s not one thing in this cause that is just going to make it happen for you. So if my friends and most of them are in a place that they’re ready, like they want to make it happen, they want to put the work. Then I think discourse is going to be amazing for them. So I just tell them, hey, what’s great to put in work? It’s going to be amazing because it gives you all the tools. There’s not one thing about going in-person sales and boudoir. I guess I just blew out because I photographed headshots and I’m using your force for headshots and I’m using it for my clients. So it’s not just boudoir. I just told them that you really have to be ready and you have to, you know, like watch the videos and do all those things.

[00:03:56] And you have to present yourself as a professional because people will react to that. I can be friendly and I’m awkward and I curse. So, you know, I’m still myself with my clients. Yeah. All right. They like that it makes you feel more human. But I’m I’m still myself, but I’m professional. And that’s I feel that made a huge difference for me when I joined the force. And I realized like, OK, I have all the tools. I can be what was meant to be as a business owner. So I’m sorry I rambled, but the whole point is like when I recommended to my friends, I just say that it’s freaking amazing that there’s not like, you know, from ads from, you know, email intimidation, from your price list, from interactions with clients. There’s just so many good, good things about it. It’s kind of like surprise education for the water. So like, this is everything. So there’s really not one thing I recommend to them. I just say. I just tell them how much money I’m earning and the like. Oh, yeah. Doing it.

[00:04:56] I love that you said that you’re using what you’ve learned. Mastermind four other genres, too. How about that? I love that.

[00:05:05] Well, I think because my business is working with moment like. I mean, I do for a rough man here and there, but it’s mostly with women and the things that we know that you guys teach us. In my mind, it’s not so. But with the water. Yeah, there’s posing but the lighting and client and direction and talking on the phone but with the script. You know, it’s priceless. All those things can be applied for everyday client for everything I do for families. I just had a client yesterday and I’ve been using that same script with her for a phone call and I’ve been using the same prices for her. It works. So I think I don’t think that’s a very boudoir specific, but it’s posing that you guys show. But even that it’s such a small part of what you’re pitching as I’d like. It’s not. It shouldn’t be. There’s just so many things that like for every genre you can learn, even headshots like I use some of your e-mails and I just, you know, make them less like, hey, gorgeous and more like, hi.I

[00:06:17] Right!

[00:06:19] I still use them because it’s it gives you all this information that I know I could come up with it myself, but it would take me months and. And all the sort of details that you put into those emails and your price list are just so huge. And for me, it’s like I have I’m embarrassed to say so. But once I joined the mastermind and I said whooping and I started doing all the work I didn’t have, I still didn’t have enough time to watch all the widows and do all the everything else that there is. And, you know, in a chorus, because I’m so hooked, I don’t have time for it. So once I’m there and I. So once I’m down, I stop like, you know, watching everything and being everything. I’m sure it’s even better. But for me, I’m good. I’m good right now.

[00:07:07] For now, what would you say to photographers that maybe shoot other genres that are thinking about the mastermind but are kind of on the fence or even photographers there in the boudoir genre that are kind of on the fence about it and been thinking about it, but just not ready yet to pull the trigger? What would you say?

[00:07:23] I say do it. I think that I think we put so much stress about like I think we’re so concerned about what if it doesn’t work, whether that’s such a wrong way to think about it. Like, if you think it’s not going to work, it’s not going to work because you’re not ready for it. So my advice would be like just you signing. And then once they see all the content, wants to see how easy it is for you literally just to copy stuff like I wasn’t ready to do it. That first point, not to make any adjustments and to think about what’s going to work. I just literally copied your stuff. I copied your script when I was talking to clients for the first few times. I adjusted it to make it look more my style and more my voice. But there’s really I know for people who are who are doing in-person sales, like, you know, the amount of money that you spend for, you know, being part of this course is like, what’s one sale like? Is that really something you should be. Yeah. Like worried about? I mean, obviously, it is an investment, but it’s a mess on yourself and your business. And for me, going from in March when I was like playing around and I was like, oh, yeah, I was I was judging unethically.

[00:08:37] And I just because I was so scared to charge like so. So if somebody would book me and they would like I think they could afford me, I would give them like high a price if I thought they couldn’t afford me. I’ll get them lower price. I was just kept like playing around because I didn’t know I was. I was so scared of all of this process of in-person sales. And just like the course itself, just being able to be in the group and ask all the questions without fear, without shame, because everybody’s in the same place. And people are now like, can I get this a higher level? So like, it’s so nice to have a group of people that you can, you know, like talk about money. There no money. Shame, there’s no business limit. There’s not such thing, you know, I’m embarrassed to talk about stuff like. So the whole group is so useful and the content is so useful. So there’s really nothing that can say negative about the mastermind. It’s just it’s just a matter of looking at people who are either ready to make a jump in important work in and really a work in or people who are like, oh, I know, because that was me. I was a baby, I’m sure. Yeah, I got this. You know?

[00:09:48] Yeah, I love that you mention the community that we have because our students in the exclusive group are mastermind students because you know, so so we started in February.

[00:09:59] A lot of the students, it started with us, our beta testers. Now they’ve leveled up so much that they will sometimes answer questions well before Humberto and I can even get to them because they are so creepy and they’re making double or triple what they were before. So, you know, the community is a huge part of it, is. It is.

[00:10:19] And especially because everybody’s on the same page and everybody’s kind of having the same attitude about their business and working with clients as well. So it really does help. Going into that group, it was a question that I have. And knowing that, again, people from all these different time zones, like, for example, if I see something at a.m. and I need to know the answer, I can post and then I could go home, Jim, and I’m going to answer it for me because in a week. So if it is really nice, I really. It’s really hard for me to be like, I’m I’m trying like to be more open about my business, like because I’m always going to keep it for myself. Like, it’s such a precious thing to me. Like the fact that I started like, you know, I’m pretty fresh in it. And I just kind of like I’m doing really well. So it’s like, really, I’m not ashamed of it, but like, I was kind of I can and that’s my thing. So I’m trying to be more open about it just so others can know as well. This is a real deal. You know, like I didn’t just. It works. And in friendships that you’re creating a group and communication and all this help and all this content into, you know, on your website. And there’s just so many things that make it easy for you to go from being a regular photographer to a badass.

[00:11:32] I love that. I need to put them on a T-shirt

[00:11:35] Do it!

[00:11:35] I love it. Well, thank you so much for your time. And thank you for trusting us and making the leap. And I’m so proud of you and I’m so happy for you. I love that. I can’t wait to continue watching you grow.

[00:11:51] I really appreciate it and everything you’re doing. Thank you so much for having me.

[00:11:54] Yeah, of course. See you later.

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