How I Went From Fighting in Afghanistan to helping thousands of photographers build profitable studios.

Before I was the world’s leading photography business growth expert. Before selling millions of dollars of online courses. Before I was helping photographers quit their 9-5 to build photography studios… I was a warfighter.

Department of Defense.

Content with military structure.

Scared to death of ever succeeding in the entrepreneurial world.

When I was 18, I dropped out of college halfway through my second semester. 

About Humberto Garcia

I was joining the Marine Corps to serve alongside the more than 3 million men and women who raised their right hand since September 11, 2001. 

I trained all over the country and was eventually selected for MARSOC, where I deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan with the best fighting force the world has ever known. 

When my enlistment came up for renewal, at my 10-year mark, I was thinking about life after the military.

It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Scarier than my first drill sergeant. 

I was going to take what I learned. All the personal development, confidence, grit, lessons on teamwork and leadership and do something extraordinary. 

So what did i do?

But what?

I lost a great friend, and Sophie Strong lost her daddy. 

When Sgt Charles C. Strong was killed in combat, I realized I had very few photos with my daughter, and I spent the next six months documenting our time together on my camera phone.

Before I knew it, I fell in love with photographing Charles’s family and my daughter. I purchased a Sony A6000 camera, and started photographing other military families and friends.

Eventually, I left active service, relocated to Miami, and was making a living as a portrait and wedding photographer. 

I quickly learned that sure, talent is important, but nothing was going to help my business more than learning how to run one. 

Leaving the military to start a wedding and portrait photography business wasn’t the smoothest ride. 

While my military career saw me jumping out of airplanes, convoying across Afghanistan with airpower and armored vehicles, and blowing up thousands of pounds of explosives…

The shift to photography in a new city wasn’t such a fluid transition.

And when I finally started to see results…

I realized I wasn’t building the right business!

I ejected from the military to build a photography business.

During my last mission in Afghanistan...

The ah-ha!

Every time I had a win, I shared it with my friends and colleagues.

I spent hours in front of my screen fine-tuning my systems and was more excited about sharing them with others instead of photographing my own clients.

After learning about lighting and saturation, I spent hundreds of hours reading about marketing, taking courses on digital advertising, experimenting with video, training on email automation platforms, and tinkering with copywriting.

the Final Push...

Suddenly, I was being invited to speak and teach photographers how to grow their business with SEO, marketing, and automation. I knew what I had to do.

I’ve helped over 1,000 photographers sidestep years of struggle and guesswork by giving them my proven system. 

Step by step. Ad by ad. Script by script.

No one gets results by just believing or by hearing what they want to hear. They do it by being held accountable, getting into the nitty gritty detail, and facing the tasks they normally shied away from and avoided.

I’m simply teaching you what we do inside my photography marketing agency.

These successful photographers have one thing in common:

They are focused. They're willing to do the work like you are. That’s why you’re here. To become the best.