The Top 3 Things You Need To Do To Become an IPS Rockstar

Your IPS session techniques are arguably the most crucial part of building a successful photography business. Are you doing the most you can to nail those sessions? 

Do you want your sales averages to be $3,000 or above? Here are the 3 things you can do to maximize your average!

#1 Become Their Trusted Advisor

You may be thinking, what does that mean? It might sound abstract but it’s so simple. You need to become your client’s guide rather than just a salesperson. It’s very easy to do this, you just have to switch your mindset!

You’re asking them to invest in your art, these intimate images are very personal and your client is looking to make the right decision. They want a friend and advisor to help them make these decisions. Stepping in as a friend to your client will not only be more comfortable for your client but will guarantee a better sales average.

Taking this approach is a great step in becoming comfortable with your IPS process, I think this is where a lot of us struggle– in our confidence. Showing a lack of confidence during your session can be a huge impact on your sales. You need to be confident in your images, in your pitch and especially confident in your product and prices.

A lot of us have this attitude that making money is “icky” and we don’t want to ask for proper compensation. Why is that? Every other industry bills appropriately, so why not photographers?

No one wants to be a starving artist, that’s why it’s so important to properly price your sessions and products; this way that confidence that your work is of high value comes through and encourages a successful IPS session and results in a better sale. 

I can’t stress the importance of a proper price list in ensuring successful IPS numbers. That’s why I want to set you up on the right foot. I have now made my price list available for you, so you can get started on maximizing your IPS average. This price list will help you understand what value your work should be at, so make sure to implement it into your routine along with these tips.

#2 Know Your Pricing

This is so important, and a crucial step in solidifying your IPS skills. Your investment menu is your core, so these tips I’m going to give you are so foundational to ensuring your success. I’ve helped my students through the process of creating an investment menu and have seen them double and even triple their profits, which makes me so proud! It also shows me that the approach I am going to teach you really works!

These tips and much more are usually reserved for my students in my mastermind class, which you can apply here

There are three major components of a successful investment menu/price list that helps you bill your clients appropriately. First, is having a solid and desirable middle collection. This is a selection of products in the middle of your price ranges, that most clients will flock to.

The products depend on you, but the price should be right in the middle of your range. This will make the client feel like they are making a reasonable decision while still treating themselves.

The second component is having a loss leader. This is your cheapest package, that most people won’t buy, but a crucial part of your menu. The loss leader is important in getting clients through the door and feel comfortable with the pricing. Again most clients won’t purchase this package, especially when they see their beautiful images.

And lastly, you want to create an anchor package. This is your most extravagant and highest-priced package that will anchor them at the top. The way I want you to organize your menu is from priciest to most affordable. This will catch your clients eyes at the top, and they will see all the amazing products you offer, before looking at your loss leader. 

Every good investment menu has an anchor, a middle collection and a loss leader it’s up to you to make them seem desirable. Be confident in your pricing and product and your client will want it all, especially if the images you are showing them are the very best. Showing them your best work is crucial when you are wanting to charge upwards of $3,000.

As long as your work is consistent you should be good. You set up expectations and you live up to them. Build up a list of sellable poses that always lead to great reactions and start by showing them those images, this will help them fall in love with your product, and –hey, maybe they’ll buy the anchor. 

If you want to take a look at where my prices lie, and how they help me achieve a $4,000 IPS average, you can purchase my price list for only $7 today.

#3 Have Quality Products

Hey, if you are trying to sell your clients thousands of dollars worth of product so you need to have items that look like they are worth spending those thousands of dollars. I use Floricolor for my luxury albums and they have been a hit amongst my clients.

These albums feel and look so luxurious that clients can’t help themselves and they fall in love with the product. Another upside of this is that your clients are doing the marketing for you when they show off their amazing purchases to their friends and family!

If you’re gonna sell collections for $8,000 you need products that look like they belong in an $8,000 package. You are selling them a luxurious experience so make sure your products and the process reflect that.

And there you have it, these are my tips on ensuring success in IPS. Now, go ahead and become an IPS rockstar today!

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