Listen to podcast: Stephanie Watts, a wedding photographers turned boudoir photographer, sits down with Humberto Garcia to discuss how she made 2019 her first profitable year in business, how she collected almost $20,000 in April 2020 without shooting a single session, and why she’s still going to have a record breaking year despite […]

   Listen to podcast: Join us in this week’s interview with Nate Grahek from Sticky Albums. He created Sticky Apps, which is an app popular amongst photographers and clients with their images on it readily available that they can share with friends and family. Sticky Apps is a website replacement tool that creates a […]

I always get asked…. “Jenn, do you do same day In-Person Sales (IPS)?”The short answer… no… but here’s what you may want to consider before doing same day sales and why I have them come back at a later date.IPS is a useful technique to use because clients are appreciative of a professional presenting the photos […]

You’re always going to need more customers. However, you have to make sure that you have the right clients looking at your business. Below are some of the best photography marketing ideas that can help you attract clients. These strategies are what you need to be working on to grow your photography business. Be aware […]

In 2020, creating a Photography Facebook Business Page is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. What’s a Photography Facebook Business Page? A Facebook Business Page is a free separate profile and marketing tool created for businesses. It allows business owners to connect and engage with current and prospective clients. You’re […]