Same Day In-Person Sales vs Different Day Sales (IPS), Here’s Exactly What I Do

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I always get asked…. “Jenn, do you do same day In-Person Sales (IPS)?”

The short answer… no… but here’s what you may want to consider before doing same day sales and why I have them come back at a later date.

IPS is a useful technique to use because clients are appreciative of a professional presenting the photos to them and helping them choose the best ones.  

Doing in person sales is a profitable way to sell images. Through the experience, clients become much more confident in purchasing larger, more expensive prints to decorate their homes with. 

You have to radiate confidence while selling your work if you want to blow your customer’s away and leave them feeling like they received amazing service.Having a positive, friendly and helpful environment will make your clients more likely to return to your business.

Don’t overwhelm your clients with large amounts of photos in the IPS session.  Displaying samples of every possible product can hurt your profit margin. 

After all, sample products are expensive! So instead, show clients a limited selection of their best images with a few dis
play samples of products they can purchase.

Once they agree to your standard products you can also mention the variety of other options, from calendars to canvas art. 

I won’t lie. IPS takes time. Try to keep your clients’ wait period as short as possible. Avoid big gaps between the consultation, shoot, and sales session. You want to sell to clients while they’re still excited about their shoot experience!

If you choose to do your IPS session the same day you can save your client the hassle of returning to the studio. It’s the most convenient option for you and your client.

For the same day IPS session, try to work as efficiently as possible from the start. It’s best to take the photos using a program that can save and view the photos as you shoot. 

Give your client something to do while they wait for the next step. To reveal the photos you can create a slideshow or a mock-up of a wall art design using their image. It shouldn’t take long and really brings the photos to life for your client.  

When doing IPS a few days after their shoot, you have time for basic retouches and to send the photos to your editor. If you do work with an editor make sure to give them a clear deadline so the images are ready by your clients reveal date.

Waiting a couple days can also build your client’s excitement, but it will also raise their expectations. Make sure to deliver ready-to-order work if you choose to delay the reveal.

What are the pros and cons between doing IPS the same day or at a later date?




A pro of doing IPS on the same day is delivering instant gratification to the client. Nowadays, clients are more impatient than ever and if they don’t see instant results, they may lose interest in your services.

A pro of doing IPS on a later day is that it can help create a more personalized experience for the client. By spending time getting to know one another you can build higher levels of trust.

A con of doing IPS on the same day is that you may not be confident about which images are best yet. Same day sales can make it tough for you to truly understand your client’s vision for their final product. 

A con of doing IPS on a later day is
that you need to be diligent about keeping the gaps between each step as small as possible. Clients expectations for excellence will grow as time goes by, leaving you no room for error or second revisions.

Whether you are doing IPS on the same day or a different day, your goal should be to deliver a great product and a wonderful experience to your client.

Then, clients will be excited to come back for another shoot and eager to share your company with their friends and family.

Want to use the same price list I use? Download my IPS Price List Here.

The Method I Chose to Do:




I choose to do IPS 2 weeks after the shoot date for a few reasons. First of all, my work depends on my retoucher’s availability and progress. I always let her know about each shoot and the next expected delivery date.

There are a few other reasons I choose to wait. First, presenting completely retouched images eliminates objections based on skin issues or fly away hairs. If a customer has a problem with how the photo looks, I’ll address their complaint right away with a solution or simple editing fix.

The best part of presenting completely finished images is how it reduces the likelihood of objections in the first place. 

The second reason I choose to wait for 2 weeks is to provide time to prepare myself and the client. After the shoot, I send information about payment plans, different product options, and about any other overwhelming details that could jeopardize my sale.

This is a major way I up-sell. The two week period is perfect for educating and preparing the client to purchase. 

Whether you choose the same day or a different day, IPS involves meeting clients before and after their shoot. It requires you to focus on the client’s driving emotions and their vision for the final product. 

It forces photographers to step out of their “creative only” mindset. Each option offers pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide what will work best for you and your client.

Take a moment to determine your expectations and the expectations of your client. Evaluate the pros and cons and choosing what’s best for you will become clear. 

Which one do you do and why?

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