Transition To Full-time Boudoir Photographer. The High Rollers Club Review With Heather Nixon.

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Heather walks you through how she quit her job as a legal assistant and quit to pursue photography full-time as a boudoir photographer.

“No joke, I quit my job on the 5th… it took off.”

“I was throwing the website up, hoping for the best with no idea how to run ads.”

“The business aspect. You walk through IPS. I learned the tools to guide them through successfully.”

Heather Nixon is one of the best boudoir photographers in Dallas, Texas.

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About Jenn Bruno Smith:
After leaving a successful career as a ​speech ​pathologist and clinical liaison, ​Jenn moved into pursuing her business full time. ​She has been shooting boudoir exclusively for 4 year​s​ and teaching marketing and business to the photography industry​ for the last two.

Jenn is a featured educator in the Do More Forum and AIBP. She is a guest blogger for Skip Cohen University and her work has been featured on Fstoppers. ​Jenn enjoys mentoring other photographers and teaching them her ninja business ways​. She also enjoys ​spending time with her family and ​three small children,​ as well as sleeping (when she finds the time).

You can catch up with Jenn in her group The High Rollers Club- IPS, Business and Marketing for Boudoir photographers

Heather Nixon :
Heather is a boudoir photographer that photographs women with real struggles in this world. She helps women see their beauty and power with boudoir, no matter their size, shape, or age.


[00:00:00] No joke on the 5th of August. I quit that job on a whim, and then I have my call for mass, my course on the 6th and it took off.

[00:00:13] Hey, guys, tenderness. There I am here with Heather Nixon.

[00:00:17] Heather Nixon photography based out of Forni, Texas, which is close to Dallas, right? Yes, just outside of Dallas. Thank you so much for joining me today. I’m so excited to talk to you about your progress in your growth because you’ve really done some amazing things in the past few months.

[00:00:34] Yeah, it’s been a little bit overwhelming. It’s exciting, but it’s awesome. It’s been incredible.

[00:00:39] I love it. Tell me what you were doing before. Before you even joined us.

[00:00:43] So I was a legal assistant for actually an IRS tax attorney. So I kind of got to see that like tax side of everything. I that’s what I was doing. And I was like her paralegal kind of. And it was just I was kind of over feeling like I felt like I was below someone. And I hated that feeling. And I kind of always been interested solvency. And so I just decided to no joke on the 5th of August. I quit that job on a whim. And then I had my call for the mass, my course on the 6th and it took off. So I kind of jumped in with both feet.

[00:01:21] Yeah. So you really took a leap of faith? Oh, yeah, big time. I love it. So. So before you joined us, how was business? What was your sales average? What were bookings like? Tell me about that.

[00:01:37] It was OK.

[00:01:40] I was I started in January, as I started in the largest in January. I can try to dabble in it before, but it wasn’t anything, you know, worth really going into. I had no idea what I was doing. So January, though, I went into it and my sales average up into the point I’m joining, the March 1 course was about fifteen hundred. Yes. So bookings were slow, but I felt like I was still kind of figuring out everything. So it was just a slow process of growing, but that was about fifteen hundred, so.

[00:02:13] Ok. And then since you’ve joined us, what are the biggest changes? Like what? How are your bookings? Has your sounds average? Tell me about your bookings moving forward.

[00:02:24] Bookings are amazing. My sales average right now is about twenty-two hundred. And it continues to go up, which is awesome.

[00:02:34] Right now I’m looking into 2020 with forty-six people booked already. That’s a little thing. January’s packed. I have like 12 girls in January already. I think there’s like eleven in February. So and it’s just like they’re all spread out throughout the year, which is like job security for me.

[00:02:51] And really. I love it. I’m excited about twenty. I feel like I’ve done so well since I joined the course and it’s only been a couple of months like I can’t wait till next year. It’s going to be amazing.

[00:03:03] I love it. So talk to me about what you gross in 20.

[00:03:08] Well, I guess you didn’t. You just started TAVI in 20. At the beginning of this year, right?

[00:03:13] I started like boudoir. Like I had been doing photography, like families, couples, just kind of anything I can get my hands on.

[00:03:20] So I don’t even know how I was really keeping track of the incomes. It was so small. Right. Yeah.

[00:03:28] I mean, how about year to date this year? What have you. GROSS. Since joining the mastermind.

[00:03:33] Since joining the mastermind. I have grossed eighty-two thousand in August and it’s December.

[00:03:39] It’s amazing. And then you told me earlier you were making how much with your day job, like $12 an hour.

[00:03:45] It was terrible. And I think the reason that I quit was because I had a shoot like the weekend prior. I think I made like fifteen hundred or something and like I made more. And that weekend more than I do working for you. So like a whole month I was like, I’m done. I’m like the wakeup call.

[00:04:02] Right. And here you are. So year to date you’re at eighty-two thousand. So you’ve gross that you joined us in August.

[00:04:09] Mm-hmm. Oh right. Well, year to date plus the beginning of the year I’m at one hundred and three thousand. So August, August to December is eighty two. And then the other part was like twenty-one or something. So it’s like three.

[00:04:23] That’s amazing. Yeah, it’s amazing. So you’ve like quadrupled your earnings in four months. Yes. After joining us. What do you think the biggest game changers were for you? Like what were the biggest light bulb moments?

[00:04:38] I think like the business aspect, like you in the course, like you guys, like, walk through the I.P.S part. And that was really important because like, there’s lots of things that you do during that really kind of encourage them and push them and to get what they want. And like to set them up for success. And so I learned those tools and that was extremely helpful. Not to mention the Web site part. Like I was just thurn the Web site up there hoping for the best.

[00:05:04] And I had no idea how to run ads. No idea how to do Google ads. I’m like, I think that I know how to use a computer, but I really don’t. It helped a lot. And like structure wise, like paper trails, like for order forms and things like that. But I wasn’t doing it before. Like, I no joke. Have a binder around here somewhere. And that’s how I would like I would write down their image number and that’s what I did. I didn’t know what else to do.

[00:05:28] Right. So when you know how to do things better, you do the matter. Exactly. You know better. You do better. I love that. I love that. So if you had one piece of advice for all the people that are meeting, hearing about us for the first time are maybe on the fence about joining us. But the mastermind. Well, what if I said you could just do it?

[00:05:51] Because I feel like if you’re on the fence and you’re if, like, you only have like your toes in the water, like, that’s the best analogy I could think of. If your toes are just kind of in the water like you’re not going to really succeed like you might do, OK? But you’ve got to put both feet in the water and you just got to go for it. And that’s I think that’s what also pushed me because I quit my job. So I’m like, I’ve got to go and I’m not gonna swim.

[00:06:13] Right. You got a house? I got bills to pay. I’ve got kids. I have two little kids.

[00:06:18] It was like, I’ve got to do this. So I did it so that you just got to put faith in yourself and God for taking the course.

[00:06:25] You have to implement each step. And I think that’s what has made me get to this point. And I’m still gonna go further. So this is all.

[00:06:33] Yeah, this is just the tip of the iceberg for you, because now they know that you can do it. Twenty, twenty, man. You’re just going to kill it. You’ve quadrupled your sales in four months. Next year, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be at 250 or 300.

[00:06:45] That’s when I’m expecting and hoping to hit 250. That is my goal. So we’ll see.

[00:06:51] It’s amazing when I think about this leg. I love doing these interviews because.

[00:06:57] You get to actually see people changing their lives and it’s so rewarding for me.

[00:07:02] And, you know, you think about it like, I know I went to college for, you know, four years and then another three years, my Masters program and I came out making forty thousand with a master’s degree. And then you can invest like a just a tiny bit of that. Like I had sixty five thousand dollars in school loans for that those degrees. And for the price of this course, it’s like a minuscule amount to change your life.

[00:07:28] It doesn’t even it doesn’t even touch. I told my husband when I first like wanted to jump into it because we have looked the other. Well, I say we I looked at it. I was like, hey, this one costs this much. This one cost us much more. And we talked about different courses. And I told her I was like they told me that, you know, I don’t know if I’m not happy with it. I don’t think is going to let them know. And so I told him the cost so much. You know what? We’re just going to do it. I put it on my credit card because at that point I was like, this is the only way I can do it. So you’re on a credit card. You have credit cards paid off? No, it’s not.

[00:08:04] I love that. I love it. Awesome.

[00:08:06] Yeah. It has paid for itself like tenfold. Easy.

[00:08:10] Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me. And I’m so happy and so proud of you. And I can’t wait to continue to see your growth.

[00:08:17] I’m excited to see it, too. Thank you so much.

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