Transitioning to Full-Time Boudoir Photography from Wedding Photography


Have you considered transitioning to boudoir photography full-time? What about adding the genre to your brand?

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About Jenn Bruno Smith:

After leaving a successful career as a ​speech ​pathologist and clinical liaison, ​Jenn moved into pursuing her business full time. ​She has been shooting boudoir exclusively for 4 year​s​ and teaching marketing and business to the photography industry​ for the last two.

You can catch up with Jenn in her group The High Rollers Club- IPS, Business and Marketing for Boudoir photographers.

About Chelsea Elizabeth:

After graduating college, going corporate Chelsea wasn’t able to stay away from photography.

Photography is her passion. She’s located in the Los Angeles area and now specializes in boudoir among a number of other genre’s she’s photographed historically including, families, seniors, and weddings. – Thousand Oaks Boudoir Photographer


[00:00:00] Hi, my name is Chelsea Elizabeth and I have a boudoir studio in California. I joined high rollers about six months ago because I was previously a full time wedding photographer. I did some portraits and I just opened a studio and my goal was to be full time boudoir. And I’ve taken other classes before and it’s always been a gold mine. Take a business class every year. And so when I saw high rollers, what I really liked about it was that it was so laid out very well. And it was super easy to illuminate. And I’m busy, mom. I run my business. I have twins. I do not have a lot of time. I just need somebody to tell me what to do and I’ll do it. So I implemented some items so far. And literally the first thing I did was I implemented the price list and immediately doubled my sales.

[00:00:56] And I was like, oh, oh, look what I done this evening earlier. I feel it. Yeah, I think that’s great. You’re supposed to take your shot.

[00:01:05] Yeah. But then once I started running, members like this is expensive. I need to charge more. So then I got a little easier. And then I did. I practice my flow posi because again, I felt everything was new. Everything was completely new. Shooting this studio is new. Having, you know, clients, you know, changing and styling it.

[00:01:28] Yeah. Nah, I’m just like I’m third way.

[00:01:30] I’m like, oh, I see you on Saturday. And then I only have to see you one day. And I’m working in my office by myself and I’m interacting with clients a lot. So I did the Facebook ads. That was genius, because as soon as I did my first one, I realized how well they worked. And so I I was horrible at doing Facebook, the manager. Horrible. And so when I saw that, he laid it out step by step. I was like, I need that. I can follow that. And so that worked really well for me. I did the Body Love Project. That was my Valentine’s Day special. I just laid it out that people need to love themselves around time. Say you don’t. I mean, if you have a partner, that’s great. They’re obviously going to love your album, but you should do something for yourself and love yourself. So I did that for Valentine’s Day. And I’m completely booked for the next three months. It’s amazing. Even if it’s, you know, after Valentine’s Day, as long as they booked it before Valentine’s Day, I honored it. So that was really successful. Reads well. I have five a week and then I have doubles on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s insane. So, yes, I’m fully booked till April. Shooting five weeks sometimes. Yeah, I know. I’ll shoot doubles on Tuesday. So yes. Seven the seven shoots a week. Yeah. Yeah. And I did that because obviously I have kids. Right. You know, spring break for taking my school to go to Colorado. Like I got to like double up a little bit because I do take vacation time and I have rent to pay. So I literally need to make sure I pay my bills and pay my staff. So sales average. Now my sales average is around three thousand. It can be better.

[00:03:11] It’s going up. It’s going up. Yeah. LS that right?

[00:03:13] It was before I had I had an album. I think I had like a $750 album. And that’s what people would buy. But now that now when people come in, they’re mostly guaranteed to buy a flirt. It’s eighteen ninety nine. You be more than triple. Yeah. SALES are up. Yeah I’m almost triple. Yeah. Definitely doubled. I’m almost tripled. And it’s just it feels good.

[00:03:36] It feels good to do what I want to do and making money. So in a shooting like twenty to five. Yeah. And then how many were you shooting for before. I truly did. Two to three week. Yeah. Double your bookings. Yeah. Yeah. That’s great.

[00:03:55] Yeah. And all new girls from all over different cities. All over and over again.

[00:03:59] Yeah. That’s a meet. Yeah. It’s so cool about that. Is all those new people that you’re shooting they’re going to tell their friends and your network just keeps. Yeah. Yes.

[00:04:10] And it’s it’s amazing because they done I’ve done bridal piracy for. And there are mean. They were never successful in Avatar. But then once I started doing you are they’re a little successful. But then when I switched the high roller, just I mean, it was amazing booking. I booked seven and I was like, this is amazing. It’s like an ocean of a.. Yeah. Now I’m like, I ask all the other vendors like, oh, so how was your day? Like, I don’t know yet because I have to wait awhile. I’m like, well, I know, I know today that today was a good day. And then you make an app showing them after it because you have an imagination. Yeah. That I my email animation, Roland.

[00:04:46] Yeah. So I got here today. You know, you’re out here. I do not ask my bookkeeper’s.

[00:04:55] I love that. Right. Yeah. Yeah. You mean like twenty five or.

[00:05:00] Yeah, I did I did make 20 I read almost twenty five last month, so that was when I didn’t know it was February. Yeah. Me twenty five. Yeah. Typically before it started with us. What were you making your mom. I was making like twelve thirteen for sure. Yeah. And that was with somewhat in some portraits and. Yeah.

[00:05:18] So say I’m so happy. Yeah. Well we didn’t actually explain like this either. I am wondering if you are right.

[00:05:25] We don’t actually just sit around and Rosenheim on Geraldo. But he was just modeling for us.

[00:05:30] So yeah he I got I got dressed up. Yeah. Typically you’re dressed.

[00:05:36] Typically I’m on the other side of the camera. Rarely am I on this side. We started to homemaker. This is amazing story.

[00:05:44] So it’s been good. I’m very grateful. We’re so happy. And I know that leap of faith a lot of times. Right. Like marriage, like take a leave, especially if you don’t know. Very soon. I like. Yeah. These people. Yeah. Yeah. Thanks for having me. Well think that made you jump. Like what was why? I had like a couple of friends that were in the free group.

[00:06:06] And they didn’t necessarily join the mastermind. But I knew they were like, well, you know, I know what they’re doing. I’ve heard of, you know, weirdo and I know about the face. But he that guy knows what he’s talking about. And I’m like, well, I need to talk to somebody who knows what he’s talking about, because I ended up with Facebook and. Yeah. And then I looked at your photo and then I like you help with posing and like solid, you know, solid and really amazing work. And so I was like between the two of you, it made it made it a good thing. And then I watched the first video and I I remember you explaining how your background and education and how you taught. And I’m like, yes, it’s so it’s so much easier to understand and implement.

[00:06:49] And I think that’s part of the course that it’s structured. And we actually can understand and follow the steps. And yeah, it’s the structure is what’s important.

[00:07:00] Yeah. I’m gonna teach. And then now you like, you know, drip it out. Yeah. I make people implement a lot of work so. Right. Yeah. Got to do the work. Thanks for your time and modeling for us. And they saw your story and things do really went. Because I know that like, you know, it can be intimidating to, you know, make an investment in yourself and your business. So. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

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