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💡You can be the best photographer in your entire region and still not get bookings. Why? Because clients don’t book simply “the best,” they book the best-known. Want to know how to be best-known? Watch this interview where Jenn Bruno Smith and Humberto Garcia break down how to target and nurture leads to get clients and grow your business.

This video will show you how leveraging Facebook and Google ads, retargeting pixels, and your website can reliably grow your photography business.

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About Jenn Bruno Smith:

After leaving a successful career as a ​speech ​pathologist and clinical liaison, ​Jenn moved into pursuing her business full time. ​She has been shooting boudoir exclusively for 4 year​s​ and teaching marketing and business to the photography industry​ for the last two.

Jenn is a featured educator in the Do More Forum and AIBP. She is a guest blogger for Skip Cohen University and her work has been featured on Fstoppers. ​Jenn enjoys mentoring other photographers and teaching them her ninja business ways​. She also enjoys ​spending time with her family and ​three small children,​ as well as sleeping (when she finds the time).

You can catch up with Jenn in her group The High Rollers Club- IPS, Business and Marketing for Boudoir photographers

About the Interviewer Humberto Garcia:

Humberto Garcia is the world’s leading photography business growth expert.

Founder of Photography to Profits and high-performance coach to multiple 6-figure photography businesses. Humberto coaches photographers from his special operations military experience and photography sales and marketing experience. After years of high performance in Marine Special Operations and building businesses, he knows what works.

Facebook Ads for Photographers


Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:00:02] Hey guys, Jennifer Bruno Smith here at The High Rollers Club! I’m here with Humberto Garcia. We have a great topic for you today. We are going to talk about Facebook ads. This is something that most photographers struggle with. I know I’ve struggled with it in the past. Humberto is really good at doing that. So tell us a little bit about how you got started with Facebook ads and why you think they’re so powerful.

Humberto Garcia: [00:00:25] Hey! So it’s funny how I actually got started. I was a photographer and, you know, just like anything else, it was just kind of like happenstance, right? Like, I really love photography. I love portraits. I loved, like doing weddings. I was shooting a lot of everything. You know, you I was at that phase, where I was like just getting really good at, you know, the tippy tops of a bunch of different genres. And what I realized was I had to be able to market it. So I was, you know, jumping into Facebook ads, Google ads, a lot of Internet marketing. And when I start realizing that, like people in my town, I was living in a little military town, they were like, how are you getting those results?

Humberto Garcia: [00:01:02] You just started photography three months ago and you’re getting high paying clients and having these I.P.S sessions. And I was like, yeah, doesn’t everyone do this? And they were kind of like, no, can you teach us how to do it? So I was like helping a lot of people one on one. And that was I wasn’t doing anything special. I was just showing them what I did. And then when I moved to Miami, there’s even more photographers here. So I was doing it more and more. So people weren’t very interested in like photo walks. They weren’t interested in my photography or editing or anything like that. They were mostly interested in SEO, Facebook ads, Google ads. I just started realizing I’m really good at that. I’m really passionate about it. I can help people do it. So, yeah.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:01:43] Because it’s a really tricky thing for most photographers. And I remember I tried Facebook ads by myself in the past. And then I would go for like weeks and they wouldn’t get approved and I would never be able to figure out why. So what’s the biggest mistake that you think that photographers make whenever they’re doing these ads?

Humberto Garcia: [00:02:04] Yeah, I think that comes there’s a few factors, right. One of the biggest factors is just sometimes people start ads too early in their journey. Right. Maybe they’re not like an exactly established business. They probably shouldn’t. Right. You can almost imagine. Right. Like someone is just starting and like we do our weddings and they go by this whole exposed booth and maybe their work isn’t good enough or it’s not good enough to advertise. But for the most part, most people I talk to our past that stage. But that is a huge portion of people are just getting into paid advertising before they’re ready. The second thing is they’re not consistent. Right. So like, imagine I always say marketing is a trade of money. It should be a money-printing machine. So if you put a hundred hours in and you get back 500 it’s amazing, you and I would never stop doing that, right? I mean, you would never stop trading that money. But a lot of times in when it comes to like advertising ourselves, we spend $10 and then we don’t see a return instantly or a booking so we just turn it off.

Humberto Garcia: [00:03:03] I don’t know if someone’s gonna get a booking within the first $50. First $100, first $200. But you can’t people just turn it off too early. And then the other thing is, a lot of times it’s not congruent. Right. So they’ll like set some sort of path and they’ll say, you know, I want to book this, but it will just kind of be like a flash thing. You don’t have a following. They don’t have an email list and they’re just going out to the world. And it’s kind of that old adage, right? Like they’re going out and asking a bunch of people to marry them and they’re saying, can you please marry me and buy my stuff? You have no idea who I am or why I’m qualified or whatever. You don’t know my story but please buy from me the first time you meet me and you can imagine it’s fine. I can go very well in dating or love life. And it’s not gonna go very well with Facebook ads either.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:03:46] Right. So have you found that there’s a specific genre that is the most successful with Facebook ads?

Humberto Garcia: [00:03:55] That’s a really good question. I always say that you know, Facebook ads are amazingly powerful. It is tied with Instagram. It has a job. Right. Like, it’s great for retargeting. It’s great for your brand awareness to retarget and maybe show testimonials and so on. But having said that, I’ll tell you the ones it works, the works with right now, sometimes there have been people that have success with like giveaways and free model calls and stuff.

Humberto Garcia: [00:04:21] The ones it works the worse with, it’s like weddings, engagement sessions, you know, newborns, maternity and it’s because people are constrained by a life event. Right. So it’s very specific to life events the same way as an emergency plumber might not do well with, “Hire me on Facebook. I’m an amazing emergency plumber!”. A lot of times people don’t need you at that time. So Google tends to do well with those like Google ads. The funny thing about me getting into Facebook ads is I used to do Facebook ads for like for all those people. Right. So we would still do well with them because we had a balance with Google ads. I was doing them for like glamour photographers, Sue Bryce, you know photographers branding. I was doing it for everyone. And then I think one of our photographers was doing boudoir and you could imagine, like we have all these accounts and we’re you know, we’re doing well. We’re getting people inquiries. We’re making tens of thousands of dollars and we think that we’re on top of the world. And I had a meeting with my team, it was like 13 of us at my house. I got my house just for my team and I remember we were having a team meeting. I was like, guys, what do you think we can improve? And one of the girls. She was like, just being blunt. She was like, you need to stop taking any photographer that’s not boudoir. I asked, why? They’re like, it’s just so easy. It’s ten times faster. It’s more interesting and it’s not boring like families. How many times do we have to say, cherish your family moments? I don’t want to write those anymore. And she was onto something because it was really, really easy.

Humberto Garcia: [00:05:56] We started from that one boudoir, we start getting more and we start realizing like we were able to spin things up and get them running and get them bookings immediately. I mean, people see when they join The High Rollers, like, you know, within weeks, it’s just so much more interesting. We had a glamour photographer that she spoke to me in and join The High Rollers. And by the way, for people that don’t know it’s your master, our mastermind where we teach all this. But she’s a glamour photographer, very talented, you know, one of the top boudoir glamour photographers, I would say. She and her friend were considering joining and they were just saying, like, you know, things are dead for them lately. And they said it’s so much easier. And it’s crazy that it’s easier to bring people into the studio and take off their clothes than it is to get them in these like fancy gowns. And them not even having like done boudoir, just kind of like teasing their audience with boudoir. One of the girls got like 13 bookings and she was like, holy crap, there’s something to this. Right. The offer is extremely strong. So I think for boudoir, it just so happens to be the easiest. It’s the most fun. Yeah, so I wouldn’t say for that. That’s not to say that it doesn’t work for like, you know, very talented composite and family photographers. It works very well for branding photographers. It’s just some of those need a boost with like the messaging and with like the offer. Right. Because you can imagine like seeing family photos cherish your lifetime. Right. So boring. Everyone just grows past that. So you just need something special to it.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:07:26] Right. So you mentioned something a little bit ago about retargeting, and I think that that’s something that a lot of photographers maybe don’t know about or are confused about. So talk to me about that. What exactly is retargeting and how do we do it?

Humberto Garcia: [00:07:41] So I’m actually going to share my screen. So it’s easier. So what I tend to find is that you know, I actually saw a study and what it said was something like they represented a bunch of trade show and expo like boots and stuff. Right. So like, imagine you’d go to an expo and they would basically do all the follow-up. Well, they were smart and they wanted to find out like were people buying are, or what affected it? And what they found was that out of all the people that inquired for any certain product, 50% bought within two years.

Humberto Garcia: [00:08:15] And that wasn’t bought from that company. That was just bought from someone. So they weren’t interested in knives set, they weren’t interested in, you know, appliances. They were basically calling back every 3 months and just trying to find out where the person was. So having said that, like a lot of people just stop. So this is most people’s marketing campaigns are like they kind of get traffic. They’re everywhere on social media, Instagram, Facebook, all that stuff.

Humberto Garcia: [00:08:41] And of course, if they have good work, they get some traction there, get some website visits by e-mail, as in their group, you’re going to get some sort of, you know, interaction. Yeah, but the problem is, is that they’re not like keeping up and you do this really well. I mean, I do your marketing. So you have like 50 or 60 emails and a follow-up series and I tell all of my clients that we want to have something like over those 2 years. Say every year, we want to have 400 touches. We just want to have 400 times where people see us. Because what happens is if you give them the idea but then you never follow up or they never hear from you again, that was a lot of work just to have somebody else get that business. So the retargeting here happens, imagine, instead, you’re getting consistent inquiries. You have social media, you have of all these different traffic sources and then once they connect with you somewhere, you can imagine retargeting and it’s funny because the best way I can draw this out is basically that like a cloud forms around your business.

Humberto Garcia: [00:09:50] And this cloud is basically saying, you know what? Anytime somebody inquires or like touches my website, inquires with me, I want them to see my retargeting ads. Those are the ads that kind of follow them around and cover and say, like, hey, you know, this is what people are saying and it’s just hovering around and it adds to the touches. And it’s so cheap like you might be paying, I don’t know, maybe like less half a penny for someone to, like, get retargeted with a video and it just hovers over them and it’s just that aura and bubble. So if they’re on your email list, great. They’re going to get 60 emails over the year. If they’re in your Facebook group. They’re gonna get hundreds of posts and see all these people connecting. But then when they get retargeting ads, they’re going to you’re going to be in their stories and they you know, and it’s and it’s more appropriate, right? It’s less invasive. So it’s just kind of like another touchpoint you get to put on people. And to answer your question the way you do it, it’s fairly easy on Facebook.

Humberto Garcia: [00:10:44] I’m going to bring up your ad account. Facebook has a pixel and all you really have to do is go in here. It’s so easy because it lets you take it and put it on your website. And what it will do is track people and follow them and you can create specific audiences. It’s completely free and almost no one does this. Almost every time we do like a website check, I have this special tool that, you know, if I go to like your website, I’ll come in here and I have this little pixel tracker. It’s called the Facebook Pixel Helper. So if someone’s using Chrome, they can install it and it’ll show me. Does this person have a pixel? And if I if I don’t see that they have this pixel, I know that they’re not retargeting and know that they’re probably struggling with Facebook ads or they’re not running Facebook ads.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:11:34] Right, right. Yeah. You know, and for the people that are watching it that maybe need needed even need, I guess more of an example that might apply more to something that’s not photography related. So I love to shop, right. And so every targeting ad is a good example would be like if I went to a shoe website and looked at a pair of shoes and then like two minutes later it’s in my Facebook feed. That’s an example of like the Facebook pixel, right?

Humberto Garcia: [00:12:01] It could also be Google Analytics and Google ads retargeting and there are some other places, but they all work on like the same concept. And if you come into like the Events Manager, by the way, I will put a link onto the documentation on how to do this. So, if you hit setup, there’s a bunch of different ways to do it. You can watch YouTube, it’s super easy. If someone does nothing else after this, they just have to install this because your ads will never work. And you’ll never be able to create audiences. And this is super important. You just take this and put this in the header of your website and then, you know, it’s that thing that basically follows people around and says, you know what, like did you forget to check out as you forgot to do this? And we can do it for so many different places so we can base it. It’s almost based on their behavior. So if someone comes to your website and doesn’t, you know, hit the contact button. By the way, this is your beautiful website designed by Vivian.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:12:51] Yeah. It’s gorgeous. I love it!

Humberto Garcia: [00:12:53] So if someone doesn’t submit the contact, we’ll follow them around. And like basically based on the behavior, we’ll say, look, you forgot to submit your contact info, so we’ll try to get that. Maybe, you know, they went in, they actually did this, but they didn’t schedule a consult on your scheduler. Then we’ll say, you know what? Please follow people around that didn’t visit our schedule ‘Thank you page’. And we’ll just kind of keep following them around and we keep moving them in our pipeline, like with the appropriate next step. Right. Because a lot of times it just turns into a cloud of marketing and hey, I’m here, I’m good, I’m amazing, book me, but no one really knows what to do. Right? They don’t know how it works. They don’t know what the next step is. And you’re not like nurturing them past those first couple days.

Humberto Garcia: [00:13:36] Yeah. I mean, it’s really hard to book cold leads. And that’s like the biggest mistake. I think that we see photographers make if they get really upset when cold leads and booking and we’re like, well, it’s really hard to book cold leads. So you have to warn them up through these touchpoints and through these multiple touches that you’re talking about.

Humberto Garcia: [00:13:57] Yeah. And one of the modules I teach, it’s called the BDA model for consults. It’s before, during and after. Everyone is so focused on like, what do I say to close someone? And it’s like, look, it’s amazing. We’ll give you a script for that. But like, what if there’s a lot you can do before? So when they get on the phone, they talk like you. When they get on the phone, they say things from your sales process. And they describe things in your terms, they already know how you work, like they’re sold before they get on. And a lot of times people that start with Facebook ads, like sometimes I can establish businesses that only run off word of mouth. They’re so used to only working off word of mouth that they’re only talking to people in this hot zone. So what happens is they’ll turn their ads on and they’ll get all these inquiries and then they’ll complain and say, oh, my god, these leads suck. They just want to know pricing. And they always say, that’s the only reasonable thing anyone could ever ask. Imagine you know nothing about, I don’t know anything about guns or something. Now you go in and you’re like, how much does this cost? Well, imagine if the guy was like, I’m so offended you asked me the price without asking me about the metal and the midship. You’re like, dude, I have no idea how this works, that’s the only question I have.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:15:11] Right. Right.

Humberto Garcia: [00:15:13] So we always sell photographers like, look, you know, you there’s gonna be a bigger bridge to gap. Either the console is gonna do it and great if you’re an amazing person on the phone. Great, it’s gonna be easy for you. And even if you are not, if you can cheat by like warming people up through your email sequence to your Facebook group, through your re-marketing ads, then why not take that leg up? Because they’re so used to talking to people that have know their cousin, know their friend’s friend that shot. Those people are easy. They’re books for the people that heard about you like a week ago that are like, are you even a real person on the Internet? How do I trust you? That are looking at your reviews, just looking for bad things. And it’s not wrong. We’re consumers like that’s what we do. We look up what album to buy on camera like you look at reviews and you ask a lot of questions. So, you know, one of the biggest things is you’re right, that cold traffic, getting them into an email us and properly, you know, bringing them on board with what our culture is and what your message is. That’s greatly going to help. Sometimes when people have, like for you, probably it’s a lot easier for you to phone consults. You’re just setting yourself up to get people to treat you. Then they almost act like they are referrals or like warm leads.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:16:26] Yeah, it’s true. Yeah. I think after you’ve been doing this awhile too, most people that book me now know at least one other person that shot with me. So they might be, you know, kind of a warm lead, but they know at least one other person, you know because any shooting begets more shooting. Right. You know, clients get my clients. So it’s the more you do it. I think the more it happens that I do have another question for you. And this is something that I’ve been wondering myself. So the future of these ads, do you think that eventually, we’ll be able to target people right in our VIP groups? If you have one.

Humberto Garcia: [00:17:06] I don’t worry about that. I basically worry about what’s available here. I think Facebook is trying to make a play to make money through groups. So they might. But having said that, because of the way we market and because of the content, the way re-marketing works is like as long as people interact with the ways we’re able to retarget target like whether they’re on our email list. By the way, there’s a way to upload an email list to the re-marketing ads and like, no kidding, all you have to do is go into the audiences. And what you’ll do is you’ll basically you’re able to create custom audiences. And some of them are like based on, you know, did the person interact on my Instagram? Did the person, you know, look at my video? Did the person I can even upload a customer list is the person on the CSV file? Are they on my website? So that is a lot of options, right. So like technically for you, you put questions on your Facebook group like what’s your email? That’s one way to retarget them. Another way is like maybe a lot of times you can share stuff from your page into your group. Right now they’re interacting. That’s a retargeting. It also sends them to your website with blogs. So like all this content, it’s you’re almost already doing it. I’d be very surprised if like most people that are active either in your email list or your group aren’t gonna be retargeted somehow just because they’re completely enveloped with everything. And the more retargeting there is, again, with that cloud of retargeting, like they’re almost it’s very hard for them to leave. And if they don’t want to interact and they don’t want to click or emails, they don’t want to look at your group and look at them. Perfect.

Humberto Garcia: [00:18:39] You don’t want to retarget them anyways because they basically said to themselves, I’m not interested in. The other thing is you can set timeframes for this so you can set 30-day timeframes. You know you can set, let’s just say based on like website, you can set up to 180 days. It’ll tell you when you go in there. The maximum time for this window is when 180. Personally, we don’t do like 180 because if someone’s that far gone, we’re not really trying to say, you know. But, yeah, I don’t think that it really matters because we kind of already overcome it and we don’t see as an obstacle because the content structure we have in the way we retarget people are always going to stand or funnel basically.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:19:18] Yeah. So this has been so interesting. Do you have any last-minute advice? Like the best piece of advice, you could give to someone that has no experience with Facebook ads but really wants to get started. Is that one piece of advice that might help them?

Humberto Garcia: [00:19:35] I think the biggest thing and its kind of like what we teach in the Mastermind is to just have everything set up before you launch your ads. And what I mean by that is like, I don’t want you to, like, create all this beautiful artwork, but then you don’t have a way to collect their emails. You don’t have a way to follow up with them. You don’t have a phone console script. So you’re just, you know, messing up all the consults or on top of that, like maybe you don’t have a website that’s showing your work in the best scenario. Right. So like then you’re getting all this traffic and then you’re like, not showing the best side of yourself, right? Right. So that would be for like beginners. And again, I typically don’t work with beginners. Right. Like this is meant to be for like pay professionals group with good work. Hopefully, pass that. It’s kind of the high rollers is right. Yeah. But as far as like for the professional that is already getting clients is already has a pretty Web site and they’re already like rolling. I would say the biggest thing is to make sure that we kind of have this in my company. Everyone kind of knows to do this. But here are the biggest points.

Humberto Garcia: [00:20:44] I would say one of the biggest things we do is we always, always, always layer our ads. So that means we’re always looking to get new people and we’re always trying to re-market to people. So we don’t just put out like brand new ads to get people to know us. We’re always retargeting. So like we always have layered ads. The other thing we do and depending on the level of someone uses is using campaign budget optimization. And that’s basically letting Facebook bid on the audiences. We did a test with you or when you book like those hundred-plus sessions and all those people in your group write, half of the ad spend was done with no targeting. And I did that just to prove that the targeting isn’t as poor, as important as the message. Well, one thing people don’t realize is like if we come into one of the ads and here’s an example, like what’s something you’re interested in?

Humberto Garcia: [00:21:33] Like what’s something like a hobby of areas? Isn’t that you buy what could be your business?

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:21:36] Anything for me? Yeah. Now, let’s say I’m interested. I like to read.

Humberto Garcia: [00:21:43] What kind of books is anything specific?

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:21:47] I actually really like dystopian society novels.

Humberto Garcia: [00:21:54] Ok, so imagine I made an ad and it was I was trying to get people for a new author of mine. And I didn’t put any targeting because I have no idea what kind of my target is. Right. Facebook is so intelligent that if I write a headline that says like or if I say like, hey, are you a reader? Do you like these kinds of books? And I use all these keywords. Who do you think Facebook is going to send those words to? Or those ads? It’s going to send it to people that have interacted with other ads or other websites that have those keywords as well. So when you write your ads properly and you use the right images, Facebook is really good at targeting. So I all I strongly suggest, you know, just using the power of Facebook and how good it is and using campaign budget optimization, which they’ve just recently announced. So some people might be like, I should go check, go check it. It’s at the campaign level. The other thing is talking about audiences. We always do six audiences as far as what we test and what we run things to a minimum.

Humberto Garcia: [00:22:56] And we always do six different ads. So that’s at a minimum that way. And, you know, for people watching, I always suggest if you’re going to do that. This is from the month of August. You can see you’re paying like $1.76 for a result. That’s unworldly. I tell photographers if you’re doing $15 to $25 for like straight-up conversion traffic to like a home page, like a landing page, you’re doing well. You can see how many different audiences we have and then how many different ads we have and we just test, you know, different images, different headlines I also suggest like top tip to at least one video, just one video and just see how the video does. Sometimes it doesn’t get you the same level of conversions like it might not be dollar conversions, but a $3 video conversion might be worth more because that person is going to have more remembrance when they like when you call them, they’re going to have more connection with you. So it’s not always about getting the cheapest leads, about getting the most bookings at the end of the day.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:23:54] It’s so impressive to see all of those ads running because no joke. When I was trying when I tried to do them by myself, I couldn’t even get one ad to go. I didn’t know what I was doing.

Humberto Garcia: [00:24:05] Yeah, the funny thing is, is that like we have done this so much and over and over and over again, specifically for boudoir, almost all of our clients are boudoir and we teach only boudoir basically. or at least portraits. That’s another thing people ask like this is work for portraits is exactly what we do for branding. So that what we do for glamour, that is what we do for even for family minis, and like mini sessions, as long as they’re unique and have that work. This works. But we always know it. The biggest thing is just to add as many images and when you create your first ad, you can create as many images. It will walk you through. Like nowadays, Facebook has gotten a lot better. We’re like when you create something, it’ll tell you how it looks, it’ll display it. I would just tell people like to go in there and play around with it, maybe don’t publish it and spend money, but just get familiar with it. The difference between us making one ad and making these six was literally just pushing five extra buttons to add images because it automatically does it for us. So it’s super easy. And within the Mastermind, like there are people that are so daunted that are like, oh my God, like that literally they look at this is like the worst project ever. And they’re just like, I don’t even know how I’m ever going to do that. And we just give them all the templates. We literally show them and they literally copy everything we do. And then from there, we tell them, look, once you get the basics, then you can go be creative and do more and come back and say, we did that. But then I saw that in my brand, I can add this kind of video and I got these results and then we just keep improving from that.

Humberto Garcia: [00:25:34] So but the point is, you’ve got to start and preferably start with some sort of template or, you know, inspiration or sort of idea. Map it out. We always obviously we do this so much that we have it mapped out of what the customer journey is. They’re going to see this blog, they’re going to see this ad video. Then they’re gonna be in our group and they’re gonna see these emails. So it all really goes together.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:25:56] That makes sense. This has been so helpful. I hope that you know, this really clears some things out for people that are struggling with Facebook ads. Any last, any parting words for everyone watching?

Humberto Garcia: [00:26:10] Yeah. By the way, if anyone wants, obviously there is a video version of this. So if you’re watching or listening. We’ll put a link to the YouTube video. The other thing is we’ll put some resources in, you know, how we’ve set some. I’ve even had diagrams people can download. They can join our Facebook group. I always suggest you join our Facebook group, get to know us, introduce yourself to me and Jenn. We look forward to meeting everybody. And let me know if you and sometimes I’ll have people that own message me and be like, dude, I just went and did this one thing and now I’m like, booked up. And I’m like, dude, that’s the whole point. Like, it’s all about taking action, you can’t just listen to all this stuff and then just, you know, pontificate for the next four years and not do anything.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:26:47] The business is out there. I think that’s too often in the industry. There’s such a scarcity mentality where people just think that the business is bad, but it absolutely is there. You just have to put out the right face.

Humberto Garcia: [00:27:03] I would say, yeah. Like you can create your own business. That’s what the most successful people do is not only like supply the demand, but also like create more demand. And people even in small towns like they start realizing that like, wow, if I can get my message out, if I can get this out and show people what I’m about, then I’m going to be able to just create business, create consultations, create bookings and obviously sales session.

Humberto Garcia: [00:27:30] And by the way, for anyone I know, every time I look at a Facebook ad and I see someone comment, there’s always someone that’s like, but you’re getting low quality and everything’s so cheap. And these people probably don’t pay your prices. Jen, Jen knows, Jen has a super high average of $4,000 plus.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:27:47] And now, by the way, it’s $4011, which I’m super pumped about.

Humberto Garcia: [00:27:51] People in The High Rollers don’t even post about their sales unless they’re over $3000. We’re not talking like cheap, little rinky-dink, we’re talking like formidable clients, people that respect our work and can pay higher prices.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:28:06] Absolutely. And, you know, people value the experience more when you provide these multiple touchpoints and automation. Yeah, absolutely. And we know that it’s able to be replicated because our students are using it one after another after another.

Humberto Garcia: [00:28:23] Yeah, that that’s one thing. Right. Like I’ve had people say maybe people on say it’s to my face but they’ll be like, oh, you know, why would anyone work with Humberto if he’s not a photographer? And it’s like, one, I used to be a photographer. I’m not just doing this in Kansas City or Wichita and it worked for me one time. No, we run this 24/7, and my whole team does this. All of our students do this and it’s duplicatable. It’s not just, hey, we get it. Hopefully, it works for you because we did it once because it’s all we do. We eat, sleep and breathe, spending ad money, tracking it. And when I say spending ad money, that’s another thing people are worried about is like, you know, how much do I have to spend? We’re investing to make back more, right, so the idea is I put $200 in, I get hopefully like $4000 back.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:29:12] Especially if you’re charging appropriately. If you get one client and like my average sale is $4000. So if I book one or two clients, that is, you know, $8,000 coming in.

Humberto Garcia: [00:29:26] You know, that could be someone’s advertising budget for the whole year. Right. But a lot of times, like I said, people stop, stop early. I even sometimes even the mastermind, I think I had somebody in a book or a couple of people and they spent like two hundred and two years like, I’m too busy. I have turned them off. No, don’t ever turn off like that’s your name. I think we should even if you book out in the future, even if you have more people to talk to, more awareness like. Don’t turn off your money printing machine.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:29:52] You know, I think also the other thing you have to remember is like when you both these people, you know, if you do a good job and you have you know, you produce a quality product, they’re gonna tell their friends and you’re opening up an entire new referral stream. But the ads. That’s what that’s the powerful thing about the ads as you’re meeting people that are potentially outside of the circle you’re currently in and then you’re breaking into new circles, too.

Humberto Garcia: [00:30:21] Yeah, that’s true. And again, it’s just a force multiplier. So if your business is healthy or good, you have good business processes and you add ads to it. It’s just going to explode. But like I said if you’re not. If you’re disorganized, if you don’t follow up, you don’t talk on the phone and you’re not confident. It’s just going to make you realize like these people are really cold so they don’t want you. They have no interest in my tongue. So if you fumble, that can be really discouraging. So I always suggest, look, get your stuff correct. Get your processes right before you start adding those steroids to it.

Jenn Bruno Smith: [00:30:54] I love that. Thank you so much for talking with us today. I think that this was so helpful. If you guys have any questions, make sure you hope into our group on Facebook, The High Rollers Club. That’s about it! Have a great day, guys!

  1. JT says:

    Awesome information…simplified a tripping point for me. Now I just have to get my ducks in a row and start taking advantage of these resources!

    • Showit User says:

      Hey JT! Thanks for your comment. I’m happy this was useful!! Feel free to ask questions and keep checking back for new content on here!

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