Distinguished Studio Of The Month – November – Secret Siren Photography

Tell us about yourself! We’d love to hear about your family, hobbies, and favorite food- tell us about your favorite things!

I am a wife and mama of two! My oldest just turned 2 and her brother is 8 months. Both my husband and I run our own businesses so needless to say, it’s the most beautiful chaos in our house.

I am an avid reader, reality tv watcher, closet crafter (literally in the closet because that’s the only way to keep the kids out of it), and the forever husband tormentor (I think he secretly likes it though). I am so grateful for this life we lead that has me with my tiny humans as much as possible and as hard as that hustle is sometimes, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?

My favorite thing about being a photographer is watching my clients come alive and knowing this is something they are going to carry with them forever.

What is the name of your company?

Secret Siren Photography

Talk to us about your life pre-photography (if applicable). Did you have a day job? Do you still have that day job? If not, when did you quit? If you did have a day job prior to becoming a full time photographer, what did you learn from your day job? Are there any lessons you learned that carried over into your photography business? Tell us the story that got you to where you are today!

Before photography I worked in customer service. There are definitely plenty of skills I use from that to help make sure my clients receive the utmost service and experience. After my first boudoir shoot though and feeling the power of my own experience, my life changed forever. I knew I needed to be a part of giving others that experience and after gaining some experience, I jumped in with both feet to do this full time while I watch my babies grow.

Can you tell us more about your photography business prior to joining Mastermind, what you did when you started, previous genres shot, clients per month/year, last calendar year revenue, IPS involvement, and average sale?

Before Mastermind I definitely struggled with the big picture and the confidence on the business side of things. Clients were fought for tooth and nail and I was just barely scraping by. Mastermind definitely helped me see the things I was missing and where my weak points were.

I’ve been here for almost a year now but I’d say the last couple of months since getting back on track after having my son have been the most productive. You’re just given so much that as long as you put in the work, you’re going to see a result. And having that hive mind and constant support of the other members who you know are right there with you is just priceless.

Can you share some details about your work after joining Mastermind, including the first thing implemented, the current genre being shot, clients per month/year, YTD and monthly revenue, IPS involvement, average sale, and most purchased items by clients (digital, albums, or wall art)?

The first thing I implemented was getting out of my freaking introverted shell and talking to people. Then after implementing the mastermind pricing guide my sales average increased by about 1000 each session for my IPS. And that’s still in phase one. I know I’ll increase down the road and just grow that number even more.


Do you have support staff? If so, tell us about them! For example- how many photographers, HMUAs, assistants, managers, etc. do you employ?

I love my HMUAs! They are an absolute blast and I love getting to see them in studio! I hope to grow this little family a little more and add an assistant in the near future to help make sure my clients can receive even more personal attention through their experience.


How much revenue total has your studio brought in since joining Mastermind?

My revenue for the year has already doubled my expectations up to this point and I can’t wait to watch each goal get blown past.


What is your advice to photographers just starting out? What is your advice to photographers who are full-time and struggling? Remember your own journey – what were your biggest struggles and what you wish someone had told you? 🙂 

Stick to your guns and stick to your pricing. Don’t lower your standards or pricing just to keep up with the low ballers. Charge your worth. Otherwise, it’ll take forever to get back on top.

What areas do you still want to grow in? Do you have any big goals that you are still looking to accomplish?

I’m hoping that this year will bring me consistency in what I’m putting out there. My social media game is going to be next level this year!


What is your biggest accomplishment – work and non-work related? Since your studio became successful, what is the coolest thing you’ve been able to do?

Getting out of my apartment. A family of four in an apartment was just starting to feel cramped since I couldn’t just let my kids run and jump and play to their heart’s content. Having a yard for them to play in and a space that is totally ours with no shared walls that is the bliss of a house has been wonderful.

Please list any awards won and/or distinctions you would like noted in the article.

I haven’t submitted my work for awards but that may also be something I look into this year.

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