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Tell us about yourself! We’d love to hear about your family, hobbies, and favorite food- tell us about your favorite things!


Mother-Daughter duo team! Kristina worked as a forensic investigator and Katelyn worked towards medical school but they dropped everything to pursue photography. Kristina loves interior design and its her full time hobby outside of work. Katelyn spends her free time in open houses with her boyfriend among other fun couple activities.


What is your favorite thing about being a photographer?


That we are able to create unique memories for families to cherish but also to see the babies grow and come back to us. Creativity – being able to create unique sets and shots!


What is the name of your company?




What did you learn from your day job? Are there any lessons you learned that carried over into your photography business? Tell us the story that got you to where you are today!


Kristina was a forensic investigator – very perfectionist and pays great attention to detail but also being able to read past clients. BS. Katelyn- pursued the medical field and volunteered at the NICU level where my love for babies started. I’ve always been a leader and a little bossy but also very mature – I think all of those traits helped me lead the business side.


Can you tell us more about your photography business prior to joining Mastermind, what you did when you started, previous genres shot, clients per month/year, last calendar year revenue, IPS involvement, and average sale?


We joined in 2020, we shoot mat/newborn. 1-2 clients a month, made about 20-30k a year. We were doing IPS with an average sale of about $1000.


Can you share some details about your work after joining Mastermind, including the first thing implemented, the current genre being shot, clients per month/year, YTD and monthly revenue, IPS involvement, average sale, and most purchased items by clients (digital, albums, or wall art)?


We started by doing prospecting, expo/shows, and partnering with local businesses. Shooting about 15 clients a month. We made close to half a million in revenue last year. With IPS, the average sale is $4300. Most of our clients buy the package with digitals, albums, and wall art.


Do you have support staff? If so, tell us about them! For example- how many photographers, HMUAs, assistants, managers, etc. do you employ?


Katelyn (me) and Kristina are the photographers. Dallis handles our calls and booking. We use a make up company for hair and make-up artist.


How much revenue total has your studio brought in since joining Mastermind?


About $800k.


What is your advice to photographers just starting out? What is your advice to photographers who are full-time and struggling? Remember your own journey – what were your biggest struggles and what you wish someone had told you? 🙂 


I recommend mastermind to any photographer starting out because this course gives you the tool to turn a passion into a thriving business. If you are struggling, go back to the basics – sometimes doing things with no immediate reward feels pointless (prospecting, social media engagement, expo shows, email marketing), but all of these will help your business grow. This is what I struggled with most – wanting immediate reward.



What areas do you still want to grow in? Do you have any big goals that you are still looking to accomplish?


This year we started to shoot boudoir and are still working to grow that brand and very much have to go back to the beginning. Our big goals for 2023 are to reach 800k in revenue, build the boudoir side, and hire a third photographer.


What is your biggest accomplishment – work and non-work related? Since your studio became successful, what is the coolest thing you’ve been able to do?


Being able to fully financially support 2 families: My mom’s and mine. We moved the studio into a really nice big commercial space. We got to photograph some big names, RG3 being one of them.


Please list any awards won and/or distinctions you would like noted in the article.


We are internationally awarded for our photographs by Baby Photo Awards and AFNS.


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